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We are offering Telehealth visits for continuity of care.

If you have any symptoms of Covid please call our office for an appointment. We are offering medical care to help you avoid hospitalizations. These will be Telehealth visits to help reduce the spread.

We continue to offer IV Therapies for current treatments and to help reduce COVID19 Symptoms.

Please call our main office (248-669-5050) for appointments or leave a message on our Patient Portal to schedule any services.

We at Integrated and Preventative Health Care Associates are honored that you have considered us to provide medical care for yourself and those you love. Our approach is based upon a preventive model to control disease progression.

WE ARE HIRING!!! Multiple positions. Call the office and ask for Heather Schlaff.


Here it is, our position paper written by Ellie Campbell, DO, with input from Robban Sica, MD and Elizabeth Vaughan, MD. Please use this link to find antiviral treatments and prevention that can save lives: https://icimed.com/icim-position-statement-on-2020-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak/

ICIM member Robert Rowen MD has also published a very helpful article on the use of ozone therapy for viral diseases. Ozone and oxidation therapies as a solution to the emerging crisis in infectious disease management: a review of current knowledge and experience. Find it here: https://drrowendrsu.com/recent-published-articles/ozone-and-oxidation-therapies-as-a-solution-to-the-emerging-crisis-in-infectious-disease-management/?fbclid=IwAR2CK8-T4uOM_JNNB-F-4pe5paoG6Q3KO4KUVJcmUxBl-cVb_OVxHnJI3XU


Staying on the cutting edge and offering the latest procedures.


Ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat diseases by limiting the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa.


PRP injections used for pain therapy .....PRP (platelet rich plasma)therapies repairs and regenerates damaged tissue and repairs joint pain. Prolozone is a homeopathic/oxygen-ozone injection technique that is excellent for all forms of musculo-skeletal and joint pain including chronic neck and back pain, degenerative and arthritic knees, degenerated discs, and shoulder and elbow pain.


MCN Micro Current Neurofeedback is very effective in many areas. Most people notice initial changes within three sessions, occasionally a few more. How Effective Is MCN Micro Current Neurofeedback? The success rate is staggering. Over 85% of clients claim by their own assessment that they experience significant, often dramatic, benefits. With traumatic brain injury, clarity begins to return, headaches and migraines diminish.

IV Cocktails & Nutrional Therapy

IV Cocktails

Many chronic conditions stem from our bodies inability to absorb nutrients. These nutrients are required to sustain the health of every cell in our body. This means that your body is unable to get rid of the chemicals and toxins. Intravenous therapies help remove the toxins, and strengthen all of your cells enhancing your detoxification organs to promote a healthier you.


Completing our Patient Forms BEFORE you arrive at your scheduled appointment, makes getting in and out much faster.


Integrated & Preventative Health Care Associate Doctors are Knowledgeable, Professional AND Friendly. The IPHCA experience is one you will not forget.