What is Plaquex®
The main "miracle molecule” in Plaquex® is called Phosphatidylcholine (PC) or to be exact 1,2
dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine  (Website Link)

Effect on Blood Lipids
Plaquex® elevates the good cholesterol HDL and lowers the "bad” Cholesterol LDL, but only if they are
out of bounds. Normal values are not affected by it as it should be. It also lowers Triglycerides that are
too high. This effect is more pronounced in people who are non-smokers and eat less calories.

Reduced Lipid Peroxidation
A major factor in plaque development is the oxidation of cholesterol. Besides increasing plaque
formation, lipid peroxidation also promotes clotting of blood platelets. Phosphatidylcholine increases
the body’s most powerful antioxidants Glutathione and SOD (Sodium Oxide Dismutase) and thereby
reduces lipid peroxidation and clotting of platelets.

Improved Blood Flow
Studies show that the application of Phosphatidylcholine reduces the activity of platelets and reduces
blood clotting. It also reduces the accumulation of plasma constituents into the blood vessel wall thus
reducing the plaque bulge build up that clogs the blood vessels.

Reduced Inflammation
Plaquex® inhibits several inflammatory parameters such as Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha, Interleukin 6
and 10 thereby extinguishing the fire that promotes plaque building.

Boosting Immune Response
New discoveries find that many people suffer from leaky gut where intestinal bacteria pass through the
intestinal walls and form bacterial biofilms, preferably in areas of beginning plaque deposits.

Reduction of Plaque Deposits
Studies were done in animals and in humans showing that plaque deposits were prevented when given
simultaneously with a diet that promotes plaque build up and they were cleared out if given after they
had formed. Human studies included Electrocardiogram diagnostics in heart patients and showed
significant improvement. The signs of reduced blood flow either vanished completely or were improved
markedly. In patients with reduced blood flow to the legs because of plaque deposits, the walking time
on a tread mill test was increased from 90-150 feet to two miles. The Fast CT shows the calcium
deposits in the heart vessels. The higher the score, the more deposits were found. This score never goes
down with time, but in patients that received Plaquex® treatments it was reduced by over 50%.
Plaquex® also improves liver and kidney function.

Improvement of Liver Function
Studies show that patients with liver disease show symptomatic improvement and blood test
parameters improve as well. Biopsies taken before and after treatment show significant improvement.

Improvement of Kidney Function
There are about 23 studies showing the favorable effect of PC on kidney disease. Glomerulonephritis
improved within 6 days of receiving treatment. Children with chronic nephritis were treated for 30 days
with intravenous and oral PC.

Psoriasis and Neurodermitis
Patients given oral PC showed faster improvement of their skin lesions than patients not given PC. The
lesions disappeared or improved considerably after 4 months.

What does the treatment entail ?
Depending on the condition infusions are given twice to three times weekly. Improvements in blood
flow usually are noticable after the 10th treatment due to the reduced clotting of platelets and
improved flexibility of red blood cells. On average between 20-30 infusions are required. Some patients
with severe plaque deposits or stents that are clogged will require more treatments. Each infusion lasts
1.5 hours. After the infusion series is completed, Plaquex® Oral is given to maintain the results achieved.
Plaquex® oral is a natural supplement.

Safety and Side Effects Plaquex®
is a very safe treatment. Occasionally diarrhea can occur in patients who are doing 3 treatments per
week or have severe atherosclerosis. It can usually be improved or eliminated by reducing the amount
of treatments per week. This is due to the increased elimination of cholesterol deposits from vascular
walls. Slight burning at the infusion site is possible. If it occurs, tell your doctor so the treatment time
and solution can be adjusted.

A word about generic PC products Plaquex®
is identical to the original German product with which all the studies have been done showing all the
benefits. There are generic versions of PC products made by other pharmacies, but some use cheaper,
lesser grade PC products that can cause serious side effects such as dissolving red blood cells causing
kidney failure. In the best case they don‘t cause any harm, but they also don‘t work. The correct PC from
Germany must be used in the right amount to make it a safe and effective treatment. We use the
original Plaquex® product made by AnazaoHealth, a compounding pharmacy and FDA approved 503B
outsourcing facility in Las Vegas. Their name is on the label of each vial.

The Importance of Maintenance Therapy
Maintenance therapy after finishing a series of Plaquex® infusions consists of taking Plaquex® Oral and 1
– 2 infusions per month to maintain the results. The recommended dosage for Plaquex® Oral is 2-3 soft
gels per day. As some patients may experience soft stool, it is recommended to start with 1 soft gel per
day for about 3-4 days and then gradually increase to 2-3 soft gels per day. Plaquex® is extremely safe.
The most common side effect is diarrhea which can be easily managed by reducing the dosage. It helps
patients with constipation to become regular again.

Instances when Plaquex IV may not give the desired results
Disappointing results occur rarely and often are due to one or more of the following situations: •
Patients taking the blood thinner Coumadin/Warfarin are blocking the action of Vitamin K. This vitamin
is extremely important to reduce calcium deposits in blood vessels. Without it or with its action blocked,
the Calcium build up is faster than Plaquex can take it down.

• Stents make it hard for Plaquex to do its job.
• If doing a Fast CT with Calcium Score, make sure the same machine is used for the before and after
• If certain lifestyle changes aren’t made such as continued smoking, the plaque build up will continue
faster than it can be taken down by Plaquex.

Additional Suggested Treatments
Among them are Vitamins D3 and the K Vitamins* at a high enough dosage. Also, Pomegranate extract
is an important nutrient to help reduce plaque deposits
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